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Waves ft. Anne Van Den Hoogen

by Francesco Berta ft. Anne Van Den Hoogen



WAVES is an EP formed by a single and six remixes by Jasper Van Den Hoogen, Dead Flies The Crow, The Echelon Effect, musicformessier, We Deserve This and Black Hill.

The single WAVES was performed and mixed by Francesco Berta in London, the vocal layers were written and recorded by singer Anne Van Den Hoogen in Amsterdam and the EP was mastered by John Webber at the legendary Air Studios in London.


"The song ‘Waves’ is a gorgeous sonic confection that starts with layers of lush electronics washing like waves over the sound of a human heartbeat. Van Den Hoogen’s heavenly voice floats high above, first giving us the melody and then tenderly singing “Suddenly the heart calms / Suddenly the sea comes / She is taking a bow for you”. The motif of the pulsing heart and ebbing waves remains at the core as the piece sails toward a gentle, but powerful crescendo. The haunting beauty of the song lasts long after the last wave washes into silence."

Stationary Travels, 29.05.15 || bit.ly/1JpkZQo


"Its flickering bleeps and glitches blend harmonically with the delicate undertones of the piano keys that slowly build up to a moment of pure sonic bliss. But Waves is more that just an ambient song for the misty-eyed. It’s a reason to scrap beneath the surface and reevaluate who we really are and our needs; all under the soothing sound of the waves."

The WeekID, 28.05.15 || bit.ly/1LukclJ


“When I made some people listen to a preview of the track they were surprised, they told me it was beautiful yet different from everything I did before. But on one level, I must never lose touch with my audience. But I must, at some point, stop trying to get everybody to like me, and be true to my musical soul, to what I feel and I have to say. It’s a challenging moment to live as an artist and composer because these days everyone is writing music on his laptop. Music making has become accessible to almost everyone, that’s why it’s important to find what defines you, and chase it”.

The official video is directed by Isaac Madge, a writer, director & filmmaker based in West Sussex & London, passionate about low budget filmmaking and telling stories that really make an impact.

The video is starring Lucy Elizabeth Anderson and Joe James.

“The video is inspired by the true story of a friend of mine” says Francesco “she’s suffering a form of dissociative disorder. When I told Isaac this story he jumped on board straight on, and he did an amazing job portraying that reality. Also the actors are young but terrific and spontaneous, I’m really satisfied by the overall work”.


released May 28, 2015

Written, performed and mixed by Francesco Berta
Vocals and lyrics by Anne Van Den Hoogen

Synth programming by Francesco Berta
Mastering by John Webber, Air Studios - London



all rights reserved


Francesco Berta London, UK

Francesco is an Italian born music composer, pianist and visual artist.

Drawn to simplicity and driven by a fanatical attention to detail, Francesco creates music that bends the lines between ambient, electronic and orchestral. ... more

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Track Name: Waves ft. Anne Van Den Hoogen
Suddenly the heart calms
Suddenly the sea comes
She is taking a bow
for you
Suddenly the heart calms
Calms down